Definition of aerospace

1 :space comprising the earth’s atmosphere and the space beyond
2 :a physical science that deals with aerospace
3 :the aerospace industry

First Known Use: 1959.

Recent Examples of aerospace from the Web
On Thursday, Ryan plans to speak to workers at aerospace giant Boeing Co., a previous target of Trump’s ire whose CEO also had a seat on the manufacturing panel.

Ben Brody,, “GOP Leaders Are Courting Corporate America in Trump’s Absence,” 23 Aug. 2017
The bride’s father is an aerospace engineer with Northrop Grumman in Los Angeles.

New York Times, “Catherine Nguyen, Andrew Nguyen,” 20 Aug. 2017
The Kentucky cooperative began experimenting with aviation training about two years ago, helping nine school districts develop high-school aviation and aerospace courses, and giving them flight simulators and drone kits.

Naomi Nix, The Atlantic, “The Value of Bringing Drones to the Classroom,” 18 Aug. 2017.

NASA also comes to mind and the United States rocket program.


Definition of cable

1 a :a strong rope especially of 10 inches (25 centimeters) or more in circumference
b :a cable-laid rope
c :a wire rope or metal chain of great tensile strength
d :a wire or wire rope by which force is exerted to control or operate a mechanism
2 :cable length
3 a :an assembly of electrical conductors insulated from each other but laid up together (as by being twisted around a central core)
b :cablegram; also :a radio message or telegram
4 :something resembling or fashioned like a cable a fiber-optic cable
5 a :cable television a house with cable
b :a cable infrastructure used to provide services other than television —often used before another noun cable Internetcable telephony

Wire Information

Definition of wire

1 a :metal in the form of a usually very flexible thread or slender rod
b :a thread or rod of such material
2 a :wirework
b :the meshwork of parallel or woven wire on which the wet web of paper forms
3 :something (such as a thin plant stem) that is wirelike
4 wires plural
a :a system of wires used to operate the puppets in a puppet show
b :hidden influences controlling the action of a person or organization
5 a :a line of wire for conducting electric current — compare cord 3b
b :a telephone or telegraph wire or system; especially :wire service
c :telegram, cablegram
6 :fencing or a fence of usually barbed wire
7 a :the finish line of a race
b :the final decisive moment (as of a contest) the negotiations came down to the wire
8 :wirehair

— wirelike play \ˈwī(-ə)r-ˌlīk\ adjective
— under the wire
1 :at the finish line
2 :at the last moment
— wire to wire or from wire to wire
:from start to finish led the race wire to wire

m22759 34 22 9 Wire

This type of wiring product contains a tin plated copper conductor. It is insulated with Dual Layer Cross Linked ETFE and has a temperature rating of 150°C. Its Voltage Rating is 600 Volts R.M.S. and the M27500 Cable Type is SD with a gauge of 22. The m22759 34 22 9 is a military specification wire.

Companies who provide this are often on government contract to provide this state-of-the-art equipment and products.

Wire is metal drawn out into the form of a thin flexible thread or rod. It is a thread of metal that is covered with plastic, rubber, etc., and used to send or receive electricity or electrical signals.